Autumn Vase, Sunday 14th September

The big Winner of the Day was none other than our very own Alison Lavelle. Alison and Mary-Beth Kemp, both had 39 points, achieving the two best net scores. Alison won the Autumn Vase on a count back against Mary Beth, who has only very recently joined the Section - and of course got 1st prize in the Ladies' 2nd Series!

The Autumn Vase is essentially a Net Stableford Competition, but there are some 'Brut' prizes. Since Roland Bouloux and Alan Peacock had equal scores in both the Brut and the Net of the Men's 1st Series, and since a player can only have one prize, was it Roland who got the Brut and Alan the Net, or vice versa?

Our only other 'Podium' finish was by the other half of Team PeacockJulie, who came 3rd in the Ladies' 1st Series with 35 points.

Get all the results from the FFG website.

SAC Autumn Vase - 13th October, 2013

Formula: Net Stableford. Full results from from FFG: GrossNet


Best Net of the Day (all series)

Jean-Pierre Hinderscheid - 36 (1SM)

Best SAC (net) score of the day and Autumn Vase Winner

Patrick Lavelle

Men 1st Series:

Michael Dean - 35; J.B. Bégeot - 34 ; Alan Peacock - 33

Men 2nd Series:

Patrick Lavelle - 34; Andrew Dean - 34 ; Jean-François Treil - 33

Men 3rd Series:

Bertrand Delacroix - 33; Bernard Giboin - 32 ; Etienne Grandmaire - 29

Ladies 1st Series

Catherine Felder - 33; Véronique Deschenes - 33; Christiane Boisseau - 32

Ladies 2nd Series

Sylvie Spiga - 35; Christine Langlais - 33; Alison Lavelle - 32

Other notable scores from SAC members and guests*

Michael Dean (1SM), Andrew Dean (2SM), Alan Peacock (1SM)

* What's the deal with St Cloud then? Just coincidence?

Gross Stableford Winners (all 1st Series)

Men: J.B. Bégeot - 28
Ladies: Patricia Robinson - 22

Longest and Nearest

Longest Drive - Men:- Michael Dean
Longest Drive - Ladies:- Laurence Vervialle
Nearest Pin - Men:- Jean Deschênes
Nearest Pin - Ladies:- Caroline Icart


Click here for more of ace photographer Julie's stunning pics of the event