Centenary Cup - SAC vs Villarceaux - 2nd September, 2017

Our annual team event against Villarceaux takes place today Saturday, 2nd September. The formula will be Patsome Matchplay Net ( 6 holes 4-ball, 6 greensome, 6 foursome).

Centenary Cup - 2nd September, 2017 - Result

Oh, woe is us; again! A strong Villarceaux side (which obviously had Lady Luck on their side too) soundly beat our brave lads and lasses 7 - 2. (Actually that's 1 better than last year, so things are looking up!) 

AAiiiiiiee!!! 2016 Centenary Cup - 27th August

Yes, relentless heat and the luck of the devil enabled (yet again) the Villarceaux team to beat our highly skilled and motivated players 5 1/2 to 2 1/2.


Centenary Cup - 23nd June, 2018 - Result

Woo hoo! After (too many) years of drought, our valorous SAC team finally brought home the Centenary Cup by one match!

2016 Centenary Cup - 27th August SAC pairings

Here are the pairings for the Centenary Cup annual matchplay  against Villarceaux, which will take place on Saturday August 27th.  At this stage, we do not know exact starting times but they will be as from 9am and from the 1st tee.  Please check the Villarceaux website or ring the Secretariat next Friday if you want to know your exact time. (Formula is Patsome - 6 holes 4-ball, 6 greensome, 6 foursome)

Alison & Patrick Lavelle 
Joyce & Claude Jacques
Muriel & Ian Jones
Joan Cosgrove & Alex Murphy
Jenny Pratt & Peter Hall
John Willatts & Roland Bouloux
Sue Hall & John Goodhart