Golf Weekends

All you need to know about the arrangements for and results from the Spring and Autumn golf weekends.

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Spring Cup and Autumn Vase

The section has been sponsoring the Spring Cup and the Autumn Vase competitions (open to Villarceaux members) since 1981.

The last Autumn Vase was held on Saturday 14 September 2019; the next Spring Cup (the 40th) will be held as usual on Saturday 29 May.



The Section participates in two matches that take place annually. The Centenary Cup, initiated in 1990, to celebrate the founding of the SAC in 1890, and the Riders Cup, where we take on the Swedes (AGSF / Svenskgolfen), usually in the autumn.

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Section Competitions

Watch this space for info on the latest Golf Section competitions and results.

Current events include the Matchplay and the Summer Eclectic.

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