Rider's Cup - Sensational victory for the SAC!

There were 3 singles matches, which were won 2 to 1 by the Swedes.

In the three greensomes, however, we turned it round and won by 2 ½ to ½ points, so overall SAC 3 ½, Swedes 2 ½!

Naughty pics of the occasion have been suppressed to protect the innocent....


2015 Centenary Cup - 19th September - SAC vs Villarceaux

Yippee! We won 6 1/2 - 3  1/2. After two years in the wilderness, the Cup comes back home! Well done us!

Centenary Cup, Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Saturday, September 13th: The Centenary Cup is the annual match between the SAC and Villarceaux (Patsome matchplay).

Villarceaux (again - Grrr) defeated the SAC 6-4, despite (or perhaps because of) the lovely weather and beautiful greens.

2014 Riders Cup - September 24th

It's all in the heading: this year's Riders Cup - "us versus the Swedes" is tentatively scheduled for September 24th at Villarceaux (as usual).

Please contact James (the official organiser) or Simon if you'd like to play. We're looking for at least 15 brave individuals.....