President's Cup

RankMenNet Stableford Score
1st James Moore 36
2nd Bertrand Delacroix 26
3rd David Colson* 27
4th Peter Hall 25
5th Claude Jacques 25
6th Ian Jones 21
7th John Willatts 21

* David Colson played off a handicap of 36 for results purposes but off his true handicap of 54, he got 45 points, which brings his handicap down to 45!

RankLadiesNet Stableford Score
1st Jeanne Delacroix 37
2nd Joan Cosgrove 36
3rd Sue Hall 35
 4th Mary Beth Kemp  31
5th Jenny Pratt 31
6th Murielle Jones 26
7th Joyce Jacques 26

Sue Hall won the Noo Yai Cup for the best (Ladies') gross score (28 points).


Putting Competition 

Rank Putts
1st Jeanne Delacroix 27
2nd Ian Jones 30


An Ode to the Joys of Strokeplay

By Sue Hall

14 people took part, 7 ladies, 7 men

A total of 1,420 shots were taken, 509 of which were putts

Two players had eight “3-putts” but no worse than a “3-putt”

There were three “4-putts” and one “5-putt” – Arrgh

Three players holed in – by whatever means – from off the green, i.e. zero putts (Ricky Fowler used his sand wedge on the green at the US Open but technically it counted as a putt)

“We” found the 4th hole to be the hardest with an average score of 7.29.  It is stroke index 11 on the card. The 8th hole which is stroke index 1, came is as only the 4 hardest hole on the day (only one player – the same - had a par on both the 4th and the 8th)

“We” found the 9th hole to be the easiest with an average score of 3.86.  It is stroke index 15 on the card. There were 4 pars and 1 birdie on the 9th. The 17th hole which is supposedly the easiest hole on the course ranked 17 on the day, with 5 pars but also with 5 double bogies or worse

9 players reached a ton or more – sorry, this is the wrong sport

Two players failed to par any holes and we collectively scored 129 double bogies or worse

But there were two birdies

4 players played to or improved their handicap