1st Round
May 31st
Bye John McCallum
John Greenwood
Bye Patrick Lavelle
Claude Jacques
Andrew Dean
Simon Murphy
Jonathan Riches
Ian Cully
  Bye Peter Hall
Peter Howard
2nd Round
June 30th
James Moore bt John McCallum Ian Jones bt Patrick Lavelle Andrew Dean bt Jonathan Riches Alex Murphy bt Peter Hall
September 15th
James Moore vs Ian Jones  Alex Murphy bt Andrew Dean
October 15th
Alex Murphy beats James Moore (on 20th hole) 
Ze Winner ***** Alex Murphy *****


All players to drive from Yellow tees. Stroke allowance is 3/4 of handicap difference (maximum h'cap 28).

Copies of the draw are in the sign-in book at the Villarceaux secrétariat and on the notice board at Meudon. Please record the results of matches in those copies as well as notifying This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that this web version can be kept up to date.

(Dates above are last dates for completion. 1st person mentioned to organise match.)