2017's last Section Competition - Saturday 25th November

...will be an individual Stableford; please notify Claude of your intention to play so that the Villarceaux sécrétariat can prepare the cards (i.e. it'll count for handicaps). There will be a 10 € entry fee (which Vill charges for the processing of the scorecards)

2016 Summer Eclectic Starts 1st July!

Ready; get set; go!  Our Summer Eclectic starts on this 1st July and finishes, as usual, at sunset on the 31st August. There are prizes for the Gross and a Net scores (net based on your index of the day).

Rules as usual: up to 6 (countersigned) cards, each being part of a full 18 hole round, played from your usual tees. Please print legibly the gross scores for each selected hole, your name, index and date, then placed in the box you will find on the desk of the Villarceaux secretariat on the day you played.

Have a fun summer!

2015 mid-way Eclectic standings

2015 Eclectic standings as of 1st August.

2015 Summer Eclectic Final Scores

Sue and Joan get the honours for the Ladies' Gross and Net respectively, while for the Men, Murphy Père et Fils keep it in the family with Alex taking the Gross and Simon the Net.

Alex, Sue and Simon all ended up under par, with James at even.

2014 Summer Eclectic Results

Ladies' scores a fraction higher than last year's (see 2013 Eclectic), but Alison and Joan still come out on top and Sue moves up a place or two.

For the men Alex and James both improved their gross scores from last year, by 2 and 1 stoke respectively. Patrick wilted a bit, but still came second Net. John also hobbled in with a respectable net 6 under par.